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Thursday, June 22, 2006


"They say that sanity is always determined in relationship to societal norms. And it's those people who can adjust to the insanity of the world -- even who accept the insanity and the sickness of the world -- who are called sane. Should we artists align ourselves with the sane, or shall we take a chance, and walk with our pain, or the pain of others -- in order to tell their stories perhaps -- to let them know that someone understands? To let them know that someone could imagine it, that someone could imagine what it would be like to look "wrong" when you have such sweetness and beauty inside, or even the opposite, that you look "right" on the outside and have such dissonance and even torment on the inside?

I am suggesting that you see your pain with its integrity. I am not saying that you should accept it, or dwell or indulge in it; I am saying you should see it, just as you see the sunrise or sunset. Your pain can be a source, like the color blue, or orange, for that matter. It can be one of your colors; it can be a tool."

- Anna Deavere Smith, "letters to a young artist"


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